Warrior Tang (tangaroa) wrote in itprofessionals,
Warrior Tang

Networking advances of the aughts?

What's new in networking over the past ten years? My reason for asking is that I'm re-taking a Cisco networking course to keep my skills up to date, but I have no expectation that the teacher and course material are up to date. I'll start with a few things that were not in the Cisco material when I last took the course.

  • Netflow packet dumping.
  • VPNs are far more popular than they used to be. Hardly anyone had them before; now it's expected that anyone knows how to set them up.
  • Routers have gained enough features that traditional routers are called Layer 3 Switches, which raises the question of what new features are expected to be in a proper "router".
  • Gigabit Ethernet and the move from Cat5 to Cat5e and Cat6 were a significant change. There is also Cat6A for 10,000baseT.
  • BGP is the routing protocol used on the Internet. This is not new, but it was not covered in the Cisco material.
  • Lots of places are punching big holes in their security with wireless routers and exploitable wireless devices (like printers) in the trusted section of the network. MAC whitelists and encryption are musts for access points, but some of the standard encryption methods such as WPA and WEP have been compromised.

What else is new? Also, what are some good news websites for reading about networking advances?

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