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IT Professionals
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This community is for people who are IT Professionals or want to become IT Professionals or anyone with a remote interest in IT Professionalism ;) It aspires to be like it_professional once was... but better! :)

In Summation: I really only ask two things of community members: that they stay on topic, and that they respect their fellow members. More specifically:
1. Pictures larger than 300x300 or multiple images must be placed behind an lj cut. Learn How in the LiveJournal FAQ. Many people are still on dial up access, and a good web designer/publisher is considerate of all web users.
2. If you're unsure if your post is off topic, place behind an LJ cut. If a post is deemed wildly inappropriate for the community, a community moderator will contact the member via email with instructions. It would be best & highly suggested to contact one of the community moderators first if there is any doubt.
3. This is not a friend whoring community. No "Add me to your friends list" intro posts.
4. Plagiarism is punishable by unnecessary violence. Or it should be. What you say here should be in your own words or given a proper by-line.
5. This is an intelligent adult forum. Period. Hence - no drama (Debates and arguments are fine, but bad drama will cause you to be banned).
6. The Moderators are here for you. If someone is abusive to you, if someone is spam posing or behaving inappropriately please contact one of us ASAP providing a link. We will research the problem, and handle the situation to the best of our abilities; and/or report them to lj_abuse. We will then reply to your email, ensuring the situation was resolved.
The key thing is this: if you are being abused here or inappropriate content is being posted, it is your responsibility to let me know - not to take matters into your own hands. Otherwise, the moderators will not know & will be unable to handle the situation.
8. Netiquette is important to the success of the community & the Internet as a whole. Learn it, love it.

Please - do not make one of the Mods break out the clue by four, ok?

Have a question? Do not forget to GTFG first before posting. The all knowing Google is your friend. Also, an informative clip - Posting & you

Warning: If you have researched your question and it still cannot be solved, then post. If we can find an answer with a search engine, we will not be pleased. This is NOT Vegas tourist assistance, or the chamber of commerce. Contact them for assistance.
We will NOT "baby" you.
We will NOT tolerate people who run to us for answers before trying to solve their own questions.