Madame Alexis (madamealexis) wrote in itprofessionals,
Madame Alexis

I can't figure out a PC problem

I am trying to help someone with their computer. Her "@" won't work. She said a hyphen appears when she presses "@". When she presses the shift key it does capitol letters. The number 2 also works. No other keys have the wrong character or are malfunctioning.

I had her hold down both shift keys for a few seconds and nothing. Then I had her apply sticky keys and the check box is checked. When she hits the shift key the check stays on. As soon as she hits the "@" the sticky key check box un-checks itself.

Another thing is the person can't tell me if this was a problem before because they just got the internet a couple of days ago and never used the "@" character.

We did try a new keyboard and it had the same problem.

I did do a Google search and the only thing I found on the problem are the things I have already tried.

I have never heard of such a thing happening before. I don't have any ideal how to fix it.

Any advice on how to fix this problem would be great!
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